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WBCT Reveals Subtalar Joint Instability Mechanisms

WBCT Reveals Subtalar Joint Instability Mechanisms

Are two-dimensional imaging techniques to blame for the diagnostic enigma of subtalar joint instability? An emerging technology, three-dimensional weight bearing CT (WBCT), may be the solution to better understanding the…

EORS Annual Meeting 2021

EORS Annual Meeting 2021

The WBCT Society will be meeting for their first in-person symposium in over a year at the EORS. The WBCT Society promotes dialogue and collaboration on weight bearing CT research…

3D Weight Bearing Advantage

"Weight Bearing CT of the joints can provide important new clinical information in musculoskeletal radiology." - Tuomeninen et al, American Journal of Roentgenology

Weight Bearing CT A Key Topic At EFAS 2018

Weight Bearing CT A Key Topic at EFAS 2018

October 4-6 marks the 12th EFAS International Congress in Geneva, Switzerland. This year’s theme, State of the Art Foot and Ankle Surgery, focuses on the latest clinical and scientific findings…

Scientific Literature

CurveBeam was founded in 2009 by a group of individuals with a proven track record in the advanced and compact 3D imaging device domain.

Automatic Measurement Tools

CubeVue software provides powerful visualization tools to enhance patient care. Scroll through the complete volumetric data and build 3D renderings and standard X-Ray views in minutes.

Recap: WBCT Society Scientific Meeting

Recap: WBCT Society Scientific Meeting

The Weight-Bearing CT Society held its latest Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas this past March during the AAOS 2019 conference. Co-sponsored by CurveBeam, the Scientific Meeting featured an education-packed agenda to discuss the…

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