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Cone Beam CT imaging provides three-dimensional volumetric datasets of the distal extremities.

Weight Bearing


Extremity CT

Operational Benefits

CurveBeam CT imaging systems are reimbursed via CPT codes 73700 – CT lower extremity and 73200 – CT lower extremity. However, the return on investment is greater than just the revenue collected per scan. Investing in point-of-care CT imaging will yield operational and clinical benefits for your practice.

Patients do not need to travel to another facility for a CT exam.

Patient positioning and X-Ray tube adjustment makes up majority of radiograph image acquisition time. No adjustments to patient position are required during scanning on a CurveBeam system.

Order, perform, and review a CT exam on-site during the patient’s initial visit. Regain the power to make clinical decisions by having immediate access to full-resolution 3D scans. Communicate preferred treatment plans to the patient and to family members face-to-face, and address any concerns and reservations right away.

Sample Layouts

All CurveBeam systems plug into a standard wall outlet, need minimal shielding*, and do not require cooling systems.

Sample 1: Hallway nook
Sample 1: Hallway nook

CurveBeam systems can be placed in open hallways as long as the operator is properly protected during scanning and hallway traffic is halted while the system is emitting X-Ray.

Sample 2: Dual system layout

For multi-extremity practices, CurveBeam systems can be sited side by side.

Sample 3: multi-modality layout

CurveBeam systems are often placed in rooms alongside existing imaging equipment, such as C-Arms, X-Ray systems and helical CT systems.

*Exact shielding requirements must be determined by a qualified medical physicist. A room evaluation by a qualified medical physicist is included in the purchase price.

Multi-Location Solution

The pedCAT system can be utilized across multiple locations via a mobile imaging solution. CurveBeam Mobile’s imaging suites are self-contained and easy to operate. To learn more about how a podiatry practice with a regional presence integrated mobile weight bearing CT services, click here. To learn more about adding mobile weight bearing CT services to your practice or health network, visit CurveBeam Mobile.

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